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FJ Cruiser Upgrades and Accessories
Intro-Tech Sunshade Review

Many owners have been performing upgrades and adding accessories to their FJ Cruisers since their initial purchase.  Typically these upgrades and accessories are added with the hopes of better performance on and/or off road, creating a custom and unique look for their FJ Cruiser, providing better protection or vehicle preservation in some way, or creating a better user environment and experience in and around their FJ Cruiser.

Every now and then we come across a company, product or service that "gets it right."  With that said, we present to you the following review:

Intro-Tech Sunshade Review - a 4.5 out of 5

It's a small thing, I know, but I wanted to provide a short review of something I received this week and was pleased with - a sun shade.  I ordered a Custom Fit Windshield Sunshade made by INTRO-TECH and it fits well - "like a glove."  It's a little tough to get it past the rear view mirror into place on the FJ Cruiser without having to sort of smash it in the middle just a bit, but once in place it provides complete coverage and "seals" well into place.  I do think I could help them make it a bit better and will take that up with them if/when I have an opportunity.  A pair of scissors and couple of 4" cuts in the middle to accomodate for the rearview mirror should do the trick on mine, but it would be nice to have finished felt edges like the rest of the product so that the new "flap" would sort of stick back into a flush position with the rest of the sunshade.  Keeps things cooler and protects against UV fading/damage caused by the sun.  Go for it!

FJ Cruiser - Accessories - Intro-Tech Sunshade - Picture 1 - Small FJ Cruiser - Accessories - Intro-Tech Sunshade - Picture 2 - Small

FJ Cruiser - Accessories - Intro-Tech Sunshade - Picture 3 - Small FJ Cruiser - Accessories - Intro-Tech Sunshade - Picture 4 - Small




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