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A-TRAC Switch Install

A-TRAC Switch Install - $50 and 10 Seconds

(click here to see A-TRAC in action)

Note: Prerequisites for the A-TRAC system functionality are a 2007 FJ Cruiser with the 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) and Rear Locking Differential options.

  1. Get your A-TRAC switch. (part number 84988-35060 - approximately $45 shipped)
  2. Insert the corner of a credit card. (or your driver’s license or something) in the crevice beneath the bottom of switch blank (second from the right - top row)
  3. Rotate the credit card downward to dislodge and push out the switch blank.
  4. Pull out on the switch blank with your fingers. (watch those fingernails - no scratches please)
  5. Confirm the correct wiring/connector to be used (should have a pink wire with a green stripe and white wire with black stripe)
  6. Remove the wiring/connector from the switch blank and plug into your new A-TRAC switch.
  7. Confirm functionality.
  8. Snap the new A-TRAC switch into the console.

This can literally take 10 seconds to perform, save for the time to test for functionality before completely installing the new A-TRAC switch. Pictures:

FJ Cruiser - A-TRAC Switch Install - Picture 1 - Small FJ Cruiser - A-TRAC Switch Install - Picture 2 - Small

FJ Cruiser - A-TRAC Switch Install - Picture 3 - Small FJ Cruiser - A-TRAC Switch Install - Picture 4 - Small

FJ Cruiser - A-TRAC Switch Install - Picture 5 - Small


There are 3 things that must be done in order to get the light (and A-Trac) on.

1. Push the A-TRAC button
2. Make sure the RR Diff Lock button is not pushed
3. Shift into 4-Lo

If all this is done and it doesn't work, then it may be worth checking the switch.

Here are some additional supporting documents:

toyota_fj_cruiser_a-trac_no_light.pdf (106KB)
toyota_fj_cruiser_a-trac_lights_stays_on.pdf (157KB)




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